Logo is an identity and heart of Graphic Designing. The excellence in logo designing is the primo of WebDuniaGuru . Basically logos symbolize company brands and corporate identities. It is very hard or unprincipled and unfavorable to redesign logos regularly.

The Logo Designing Method Includes:

  1. Professional Design
  2. Business and Competitor Analysis
  3. Unlimited Concepts & Revisions
  4. Different Versions

We focus on the following points in Logo Designing Services while creating Logos:

  1. Its look on products
  2. Its look on advertising & marketing materials
  3. Its importance for tie your other branding guarantee together
  4. The responses when others see your logo
  5. An exciting response to your business
Types of Logos

Symbols or Icon – Logo Designing

The symbolic logo symbolizes the company in an easy but bold manner. This type of Logo describes building a large business.

Word Mark – Logo Designing

The great & stylized kind of text logos that predict out the company and brand name.

Letter Mark – Logo Designing

Letter marks are perfect typographic. If the symbol of your company is through its initials or the brands staring alphabets, choose to use this type of logo. These can enhanced graphically illustrate the company enhanced than the full name. The Letter mark logo designing is finest if the name is too long, or is tough to pronounce.

Combination Mark – Logo Designing

These logos join a word mark and a symbol or icon.

Emblem – Logo Designing

An emblem logo has the company name inside the design.

With our Logo Designing Services at WebDuniaGuru feel that the more specialized, elegant and stylish your logo design is, the better will be the client’s impression about your company and its image.

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